The Real Issue

The Real Issue

We did it for the Culture.

For this second issue of En Mode, we chose to work on things that matter and tried to get to the bottom of them. If you want to know more about gender abolitionism in media, allyship, the future of fashion criticism, intersectionality, and revolution through journalism, you don't want to miss this one.

We also had the joy of working with amazing artists from various countries and backgrounds, as well as emerging talents, giving photographers, stylists, writers, critics and designers the chance they deserve.

All of the content is available in both French and English. Both languages are printed side-by-side.


  • Exclusive interview with Hanan Besovic, Founder of @ideservecouture
  • Exclusive interview with Yohei Horiuchi, former Chief Designer of Kapital Kountry and founder of PROLETA RE ART
  • Cover story editorial — The Real Issue
  • Exclusive interview with Anas Daif, creator of award winning podcast "A l'Intersection"
  • Why Fashion Press is More Real Than Women's Press: Manifesto of Anticipation on the Future of Media Criticism by Anthropo-linguistic PhD researcher Saveria Mendella

A sustainable production line

En Mode is a self produced publication with no paid advertising. We use the money from pre-orders to actually print it from a sustainable printer located in Toulouse, France. It takes a little longer, but sometimes, things should take time. To stay in the loop with every step of the process, feel free to subscribe for updates.

En Mode Issue 2 - The Real Issue

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